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Default A to Z, Zoo Animals

I'm working on putting my curriculum together for the next fall. I'm currently working on a unit with animals. I'm trying to get different themes put together so we can study one letter/topic within that theme each day.

I wanted to share the resources I've been working from incase anyone else is interested in doing the same type of thing.

I start with the following link...

Then to find some more fun facts and real life photos of the animals, I love the following site...

Finally, I google to find an animal craft to go along with the theme. I just google "raccoon craft image" for example and find an image that appears to be easy enough for preschoolers to complete. (or pinterest is great too, but I seem to find what I need quicker this way...)

I'm just finishing up filing all my information. I have a folder for each letter/animal and have all my materials lined up to make a craft and teach the kids about that animal. I'm working on creating my first example craft of each to put into the file so I don't forget what we are doing by the time we actually use this in the fall... I'm keeping my own SA children busy with cutting out my materials for this. They are also responsible for assembling the example craft. (They are loving it and it's saving me a bunch of time too. )

All my files are then going into a clear file box. As I gather toys or books that go with that theme, they also go into that file box.

ETA: I'm also planning coordinating snacks to go with the theme. (teddy grahams for bear day, Ants on a log for Ant day...)

I love getting organized!!
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