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Default What Are Your Rules About Push/Pull Toys INSIDE? What about Ride on Toys?

I am wondering if I am a horrible daycare provider for getting rid of almost all of these options in our playroom. My own kids have a couple of options in their rooms but I just hate these toys in the playroom. The kids love them but someone is always getting hurt or run over or falling off something when these options are out. Plus I find the push and ride on options to be the ONLY thing that some of the kids will do. Just sit on a toy and do nothing. or push a toy in a circle over and over and over and over.....doesnt seem to be helping their creativity to fixate on these things. When I remove them, the kids will finally move on to doing something using their imagination. These have happened several times over the years, with different kids and I always end up removing all these toys eventually so the kids will stop fighting, stop getting hurt, and do something else. Does anyone else have this issue???

I put a baby stroller away from a 20 month old that is seriously fixated on this item. I put it in the pack and play while I was busy cleaning up. She pushes over a rocking horse, climbs and stands on it and try to throw her body INTO the pack and play. She only wants this strolller, all day every day. Its driving me crazy. She isnt interested in anything else when I put the stroller away but at least she isnt hurting herself or anyone else when I do hide the stroller. I dont want to get rid of it entirely because my youngest daughter still plays with that after hours.

Do you see this behavior from your kids? I am talking the toddler to young preschool age. I will say that some of the kids do just fine but there are ALWAYS a couple of kids that cannot handle push/pull or ride on toys at all!
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