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My policy is 4 pages and my contract is one. Everything I feel I need to tell them is outlined in my policy. I renew contracts once a year in June. Any major updates such as payment increase I also change in June or for new clients. Here's my contract:
This contract is made between _____ (parent/guardian) and Angelique (child care provider) for the care of ____ (child). Birth date __. The first day of child care will be __.
Care will be full-time or part-time: M __ T __ W __ R __ F __ S __ Su __
Or Care will be on drop-in basis with 24 hour prior notice.
Care will include the following meals and snacks: Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack
The charge for care is $ ___, payable on Monday or first day of care in a week. All care is to be paid for in advance.
Children may be taken from the provider's care only by the person(s) signed below and those named on the Authorization to Leave Care form.

Payment is based on the days you agree to use child care, not on the actual days of attendance. Payment is due whether or not the child actually attends care.

Either party can terminate this contract with 2 weeks written notice.

I agree to the terms of this contract and have provided the parent(s) with my policies.
Signed _______ Date _______ (child care provider)

I agree to the terms of this contract. I have received, read, understand and agree to abide by the attached child care policies.
Signed _______ Date _______ (parents)

I only give the policy to those who come to two interviews and the contract to those who want it after the second interview.
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