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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Wow! These childcare workers seem super bitter and confrontational. Also why do you also assume that all parents who pay for childcare get paid days off? Some people own and operate their own businesses or work for themselves so if my child is only going to the facility 2 out of the four days we pay for due to a holiday; it definitely doesnít feel fair to parents. Prorating makes more sense. To answer most of your question ďwhy should we get a paid day off?Ē The answer is, you probably only have an associates and work for a private facility or yourself. So maybe you should stop complaining and get and actual salary/union job if you want paid days off. That being said my sonís preschool teachers are great and Iím glad that at least some of the money all of the parents are paying is actually going towards their paid holiday.
They arenít bitter or confrontational
Theyíre probably just frustrated that even after 4 pages of explanations parents still donít see the answer.....

Donít sign the contract if you donít like the policies.

There are many child care options available.
Choose the one that works for you.

Thatís not bitter or confrontational.
Itís simple logic
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