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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
My daughters daycare keeps adding days off around holidays. I don't get assistance and have to pay full price. This year, on top of the extra Friday before Memorial Day, they have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Christmas week and New Years. That's $240 for 4 days of daycare. Isn't there some type of law? Does the state have to pay all these extra days, I work government job and they get more holidays then I do and I have to pay for daycare that isn't available.
If it doesn't work for you, then find a different daycare that aligns with what you want.
No, there's no law that tells a business owner what holidays they can and can not be paid for.
You should be supplied with what the terms are and you either agree and sign up or disagree and look elsewhere.

Just to compare, because you'd hate my daycare: I am closed and get paid Christmas Eve through New Years Day, 2 days at Thanksgiving, Veteran's Day, 2 days for Memorial Day, Labor Day, 2 days for 4th of July, President's Day and gosh, I know I'm forgetting more.
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