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I'm not at all certain what happened but this post was supposed to be a reply here in this thread and now has it's own thread.


I have that boy in my care but he has now made it to five years old(not certain how). When he started pullin the same crap I knew that he would have to be my little shadow and is required to remain by my side at all time. I can't/won't allow a child to be destructive and or hurt others in my care. In state regulations here in Michigan it states that any child under 2 1/2 must remain under constant supervision AT ALL TIMES and you can get a violation if they are not. So yes they even go to the bathroom when I do.

We got to the point that this boy in particular was by my side every where and always, sitting in the kitchen while I cooked, going to the basement if I needed to wash a load of clothes, out to the mailbox in the middle of winter, etc… I needed the income to keep my home and pay the bills. I still have problems with the child and really dislike his behavior but we have come to an understanding and he isn't far from my side at any time.

So many people's first words of advice are to terminate. It is a big decision especially when you need his income and the calls are not coming in for care. Make the decision based on whether or not you are willing to make the sacrifices.

The same child who has all his teeth and chews up my house as well as himself creating hickeys on his arms and all my toys has progressively gotten more destructive by scratching at my carpet and furniture to create lint that he can eat.
BTW? Does he have PICA? The eating disorder?
I see little people.
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