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I agree that there are obviously other issues that this child should see a doctor for but, in answer to the main question. I have a playyard that I use with a child similar to this (1 1/2). This kido is quick and gets into things that other kids would never even think of! (taking the front off the window airconditioner etc) If I can not directly supervise him he is in the yard. Sometimes by himself sometimes with another child. But he is still in the playroom so he has communication with the others and gets to see them play but I know he is safe! When I can supervise he is out. When he does something he is not suppose to do I sit him down on his bottom where ever he is and tell him no. He will stand up and start to reach again I set him down again. Now, I started this process about a month ago and believe it or not, he is improving. He will look at me and I will say no and he stops and moves on. I still do not leave him unsupervised but when I am there he is doing better He has no limits at home, they just get mad at him when he does something. I feel like this is what I can do. Train when I can and secure when I can't
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