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Blackcat31 06:28 AM 03-25-2018
Originally Posted by CalCare:
Oh my goodness. I dont feel obligated to do anything for holidays for DCKs. I know the parents will do it, so maybe that's why. I don't give them anything for holidays or do holiday related parties or crafts. I guess I got my experience working with kids in a preschool environment where we didn't do any of that. We just always followed seasons and did lots of activities everyday like water play, painting, obstacle course, Play-Doh, making Play-Doh, cooking pancakes on an electric skillet, play in the sand box, ride trikes, all of these things happened and there was never any holiday theme. Except in fall, it was sort of Thanksgiving-ish when we did "stone soup" and everyone brought something to add and we decorated the paper table cloth and haf a big long row of tables pushed together and had a special lunch.

My mentors, those I learned from, never ever gave gifts to kids for any reason including holidays. Only gifts were when children had a bday, they could bring a book for the school, if they wanted- and they often did. There was no party for a birthday either and no one brought treats!

So now I do my childcare and I follow seasons and don't do holidays at all or gifts or parties. Well, one place I worked a long time ago, my best teacher friend and mentor was a Jehovah's witness. So I guess that influenced me as well. And I know very well that my families in my family childcare will def give their kids everything they need to celebrate any holiday! If I didn't think so, then I might feel pity and get gifts.

So, my long rambling point is, please don't feel obligated and spend your money on something you don't want to. It's really not necessary. I'm sure the families are doing all that's needed. One thing I always find interesting on here, is when people talk about how they did gifts or parties for holidays at one point but they stopped because "it wasn't appreciated". I have seen that in every holiday conversation. But I just don't understand that sentiment. What appreciation do they want? If a provider WANTS to do something for a child, they shouldn't expect anything in return, even appreciation. It might sound a little unorthodox to think that way. But why does a person OWE someone for having been gifted something completely without any request or need or desire? I, myself, do have the manners to say "thank you" even for something I never asked for or wanted. Not everyone does. But I just don't understand the gifter feeling bitter if the giftee didn't respond the way the gifter wanted/expected... I mean the whole situation was created by the gifter. Not the giftee.