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Also, please do not describe yourself as a "single mom", if you are not one. If you are widowed, divorced, etc., please say that instead. When someone tells me that they are a "single parent", I assume that it means never married, got knocked up, etc. In that case, it wouldn't be "through no fault of my own", because you did cause it by having sex (rape being the exception).

I described myself as a single mom because that is what I am. I am not widowed or divorced. I am the only parent who takes care of, provides for, and basically does everything for my children. Their father might see them for an hour once every 3 or 4 weeks, if he's not too busy with other "recreational" activities. And the "through no fault of my own" applied to the single aspect, not the fact that I am a parent. Are you serious? But thanks for wanting to know the exact method of conception. If I did happen to be a rape victim, how would you feel right now?
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