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Originally Posted by Silly Songs View Post
Isnít she his mother in law ? ( your sisterís husbandís ) Wouldnít that make your mother the 2 year oldís grandmother ? Does the child call your mom Mimi outside of daycare ?
She is my husband's mom. The child is my sister's so they are not really related. My children call her Mimi in place of grandma b/c that is what she's requested. She felt grandma sounded too old.

I typically call her Mimi as well. So do some of her other friends. Kind of a term of endearment I guess.

I don't have a problem with the parents teaching the child to address an adult as Miss first name. I do have a problem with them expecting me to change what both my children & I call her.
I don't tell the child to call her Mimi, but he hears every other person refer to her that way so I don't think he is processing her as Miss____ as they keep telling him. He is only 2.
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