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Originally Posted by hwichlaz View Post
I think a few of you are assuming her name is Mimi. Where I live, Mimi is a common word for Grandma. Not her actual name.
Exactly! My Mimi was my great-grandma. In my family, we've had Mimi and Papa (equal emphasis on both syllables), Nana and Grandfather, Bamps and Memaw, Granee (emphasis on the 2nd syllable) and Grandaddy. On my husband's side, everybody is Mom Mom and Pop Pop (Philly folks). I've heard Rainbow, Gigi, and Mamaw and Papaw around here, too.

Preference needs to go to the person who is actually being addressed! It's not a term of respect if the subject of the term finds it icky. My mother insists on being called by her name.

I dislike "Miss" as a term, but I use it for myself and for all the girls in my program, and "Mister" for all the boys.
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