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Originally Posted by lilrugrats View Post

I have a little thing written in my contract that says I use this. I have two parents who I have on this list for non payment of last 2 weeks of care. There is a free trial you can try for 60 days, then its $10 a month. If I was a center I would get this, but for now I just report them, in hopes I help someone one day. I know this is about payment, but I wish there was something like this for parents who turn in bogus reports for being let go, or them terminating for something they dont like.

I had a family whom i helped by bringing their child to preschool each day. She would whine and cry about not wanting to go to school because the kids made fun of her clothes and shoes. I told this to the parent and teacher, and just moved on. Well the child was going to start kindergarten so I figured i woudlnt have her anyway, but about a month after she was pulled ( with 2 week paid and a raving letter about how great it is here, etc) I had a visit from the state. Mom told them I told her daughter she couldnt wear her shoes that she loved and her shirt was ugly????? really!!???!
I use provider watch too and have it in my contract.
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