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Sorry mom for this trouble. I presume you thought the issue to report was bad enough to justify the report. And I hope you tried to discuss the issue with your provider. As a licensed provider, who has been served with a bogus report, I can tell you that in my community, this is what would happen. If you didn't first try to work it out with the provider and discuss the the end of the work day, every provider in my area would know there had been a report. You'd likely have to leave the community to find anyone licensed who would even interview you for a spot.

I think most parents just don't understand the trauma caused by a report. We are in fact, considered guilty until we prove ourselves innocent. In some cases, even bogus, we are closed until proven innocent. Imagine if you would, how your life would change if you were fired at 5:00 and no one in the city was allowed to hire you until you were proven innocent. That's what happens to us. We cannot legally provide care in that case. And unfortunately you are allowed to report anonymously. Fortunately, providers almost always know who it was as soon as we hear the report. But we can't face our accuser in a court of law.

I wish you well.
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