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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
our children attend a local daycare facility and it is a pretty good place. but then my kids both started getting sick after humidity hit a record high here for quite a period of time. i started looking into the situation and had found that the church they attend had taken about 3-4 feet of water in the basement two years before. when I questioned the daycare owner about it and if it had been properly cleaned and inspected she basically freaked out and said i was wrong for questioning her about such a thing and that " of course we had it cleaned and tested". then she tried to terminate service for me asking such a thing. I was shocked and explained that I wasn't doubting her but was worried for my childrens health and was simply checking all that could be causing the illness. that was that.

then about two months later with no issues. kids healthy (humidity went way down and was actually overly dry here) i forgot to leave the check one friday. first time ever late and when my wife picked the kids up she paid. she was told there was a $25 late fee but she had wrote the check before she left the house and had no cash to pay the $25. she was notified it would be $25 a day until it was payed. so basically $75 since we were coming to a weekend. my wife questioned why when we have never been late and the payment wasn't even 12h late that we would be penalized $75... kind of steep for two young parents of two. she terminated our service then and there...

something has to be wrong here!! please any info will help. we by no means want to get our kids back into this place as the owner has proven that she is a money hungry bully but it just doesn't sit well with me.
Most of us here learned the hard way about late payments. I require payment on the first day of drop off for the week. If its not paid AT DROP OFF, there is an automatic late payment. It's in the contract, parents sign it.

Personally, you made a mistake by forgetting the payment and the provider had every right to charge the late fee. It's policy. A simple remedy would have been since you forgot the check, you should have immediately texted her and apologized and had that $25 late fee at pick up. Then it all could have been solved. I'm assuming one of you had an ATM card?? I have never heard of a parent leaving the check book at home, having no ATM card. I'm assuming no banks were open that day for a withdrawal??

It seems like you made an honest mistake and forgot payment at drop off. But is it the providers fault she upholds her policies?? It's all about responsibility.
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