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Cool complaints against childcare provider

Seriously everyone! This is not black and white! This person did what she felt she needed to do. Do you know the situation? Yes, most of you are providers and are biased!!!! I have been on both ends of this. I agree somewhat with what is in your responses but I know there are valid issues! It is not always a pleasant position to be in when you feel someone needs to step in. I do think talking is the best way. But there are PROVIDERS out there who are guilty! what if it was you in this situation? What if you tried talking, and talking, and you loved the childcare and the provider and the issue was out of concern for ALL the children in the facility??? Home daycare or school, or big daycare? Don't you realise that there are risks in just about any place? this person ( if she is being sincere and not just complaining, Should be able to get people to listen and get results). I care what happens to the children and employees. I understand perfectly the situation . Sometimes it is not about being dissatisfied with the quality of care but due to proceedures or bogus guidelines where there are other children causing dangerous or disruptive environments! The parent should not be dismissed because the other child is the one who should be removed. Or does that child have the right to continue as they are and maybe cause more then physical harm to several children... Because that is the guideline? It does happen. I have worked in many daycares, private and other. I have children in daycares now and am dealing with many issues because of their ideas on how to deal with disruptive and aggressive children. I am not a " whistle blower " but if someone feels that they need help and the state needs to check out the situation, why should they kick out the child as a solution? kinda makes them look bad!!! Especially if you consistantly witness these issues and episodes. But are told it is ( confidentiality ) if you inform your friend of their childs behaviors in the same class as your child. Then the providers tell you that they are not going to discuss other children .when you are the witness and they are getting paid to care for ALL the kids!!! Oh, and the state does help with many childcare services so they do need to stay on top of things. By law any witnessing or suspicion of neglect or abuse or danger is mandated reporting!
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