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Default Interview on Tuesday!

I'm excited! I finally have another interview set up I just got married in May and I moved to another town, so I've been trying to get some children in all summer. I had a 7 yr old this summer (but she's been with me wherever I am since she was 15 months. Her parents are GREAT), but she was my only one and she's back in school now. Then I had an interview for a 3 yr old girl for two days a week and it went good. Her mom gave me a start day and all that...then no showed. Used the excuse of bad traffic and wasn't going to work that day. Then she told me she'd be gone for a couple weeks on vacation and would let me know when they got back and apologized for August being so crazy. I didn't expect to hear back, but she contacted me again today to see if I was still available to start her next week. I agreed since her daughter seems to be a good fit. But she's getting a sheet of policies asap. Then I got a lot of inquires about infants this week, which I had to turn down since I am not currently set up for baby care. But today I got a bite from a CL ad for a 3 yr old girl full time. And mom has already asked to set up a day and time to meet. So they will be here on Tuesday! The girl sounds like a great fit also, so I am feeling hopeful! Since I'm in an apartment, I hope it doesn't scare them away. The entrance to the building smells like smoke since the other tenants smoke. But our apartment itself does not. So praying this works out!
Any advice to help me stand out a little during the interview from the other providers who have a nice house with nice backyard and all? And any information I need to cover during the interview?
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