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Originally Posted by suzyQ View Post
Hello everyone, I am a concern parent. I don't know if any of you ever have this problem with your child's daycare or have any advice for me. I am concern about my child coming home everyday with sand in her head. she is two years old. Everday she comes she has sand on her face and in her head. I call the daycare, they said they have sand boxes and the children love to play in them. I told them I do not want my child to play in the sand, because it can get into her eyes. they said there's nothing they can do about it because its a requirement. what must I do? If I take her out of the daycare, I would have to continue paying the daycare until they find someone to replace my child. That what they said, but I dont remember reading anything like that. might want to look into one of those big bubbles. I would be more concerned if my kid came home sparkling clean, and perfectly groomed as she was when I dropped her off. Would make me question what she did all day.
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