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Originally Posted by misol View Post
I agree with mac60. The swing that I have holds the baby at about the same angle as if you were holding the sleeping baby in your arms. One of my parents specifically said to put her baby in the swing for a nap Unless licensing prohibits it in your area, I see nothing wrong with letting a baby fall asleep in the right kind of swing.
Parents can't give you permission to do the wrong thing. They don't get to decide for you to do something that isn't safe. It doesn't matter that they are the parents. They can decide what THEY do but they can't decide what you do if what they decide is wrong.

Babies should sleep FLAT out on their backs. They need gravity to keep their head from jutting forward and cutting off their wind pipes. The only way they can do that is to have their whole bodies laying FLAT. If the angle of their head is above their butts it's not safe.

The ONLY exception would be a medical exception. The child would have to have a note from the Dr. ORDERING them to sleep at an angle or upright position.

For one of the above posters: The difference between cradling a child in your ARMS to the same angle as them sitting in a seat is that you are HOLDING the child the entire time. That way YOU balance the position of their heads in relation to their necks. A swing can't do that. It's an apples and oranges comparison.
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