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Originally Posted by jen View Post
Yes, in daycare the parent does loose the right to decide how the baby can and and cannot sleep. Not following the regs regarding this issue has HUGE legal ramification if, God forbid, something terrible should happen.

The debate may never be solved, but the law has been made so there really isn't a debate to be had in this instance.
As a parent, it is my right to speak on behalf of my child, or did somewhere the gov't take that away too.

Every child is different in some way, in their sleeping patterns, eating patterns, their disposition, simply every child is different in some way. I have had some parents tell me their child sleeps so much better in a swing or bouncer seat in a reclining position, and that is what they do at home, whether it is because they are congested a lot, or whatever the reason may be. I just feel that a parent should have that right to make those kind of decisions for their own child, and if a parent tells me to let their child sleep in a swing, it is their right to ask me the provider to care for their child as they see fit.

As for the original question of the child appearing to be sleeping in the swing everytime the parent logged on to see in the daycare. I can seriously see that this could "seem like a problem", when it truly isn't. As if the provider attempted to take the child out of the swing and put in crib, the child will more than likely wake up, so the provider then used the swing to get the child to calm down, the child nods off, the provider tries to take them out again, just a potential vicious cycle. If your child appears happy, content and well cared for at the end of the day, is that not the goal of both parent and provider, and it should be of the gov't too.
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