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Originally Posted by mac60 View Post
As a parent, it is my right to speak on behalf of my child, or did somewhere the gov't take that away too.

Every child is different in some way, in their sleeping patterns, eating patterns, their disposition, simply every child is different in some way. I have had some parents tell me their child sleeps so much better in a swing or bouncer seat in a reclining position, and that is what they do at home, whether it is because they are congested a lot, or whatever the reason may be. I just feel that a parent should have that right to make those kind of decisions for their own child, and if a parent tells me to let their child sleep in a swing, it is their right to ask me the provider to care for their child as they see fit.
Are you on the food program? Do you follow the rules? I don't personally agree with many of the requirements of the program but as I am utilizing that program I do have to abide by them.

The same goes for being a licensed provider. If you are licensed, then you have to follow the guidelines of that license. The water has be at a certain temperature, you need have the proper paperwork on file, and that includes sleeping arrangements as well.

Is the government taking away your rights or the rights of the parent? Well, yes, but those are the laws and you really, really want to follow them. Seriously, you could land in actual JAIL were you to be found negligent. Parents may tell you one thing, but if their child dies of SIDS in your care, they will be looking for someone to blame and it will be you.
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