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Originally Posted by Josiegirl View Post
Some days she falls asleep in the crib, and can resettle if she wakes up. Other days(most days!) if I'm lucky she'll sleep 30 minutes then wake up and have no idea of going back to sleep so I get her up, trying to avoid all the nappers waking up. I know I have to 'get over' feeling like I have to get her up but I don't want to face 5 extremely grumpy fighting overtired kids for the rest of the day either.

Any advice besides CIO because I'm not sure I can do that.
First, I may not be understanding exactly what you are asking.

At 4.5 months, here, there is no sleep schedule. If awake, infant is on mats with toys in his/her own center. If sleepy infant is placed in crib on back. If still awake after 20 minutes or clearly upset, infant is placed back on mats with toys in his/her center. Rinse/repeat (obviously meeting needs/care concerns throughout day for lurkers. )
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