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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
Safe sleep rules say approved cribs and/or PNP's only.

NO cradles, no rock and plays, no bassinets.

Cribs MUST come with the manufacturers certificate of compliance too.

The swing thing probably isn't that huge of a deal for rule followers and those that are safety oriented but for those that aren't, swings are nothing more than death traps.

They provide an easy way to soothe baby and not really have to do anything. I can't believe the number of veteran providers that I personally know that will openly admit they allow infants to sleep in swings simply because that's the way they've always done it. Kind of like when you hear an older parent say "We didn't even have car seats and the kids are fine" line of thinking....

It's those providers that take the ability from everyone else to use common sense.

(None of that ^^^ was directed at you... I just happen to have had that convo with a veteran provider I am friends with just this morning when I asked how she was handling her all day crier baby)

Curious, I know California is pretty strict with some of their rules....does your licensing allow you to use your swing cradle as approved for safe sleep?
I am also surprised how many infants we have gotten lately who have been with other providers and sleep with blankets or in the swing/bouncer. My boss always informs parents at interview that none of that is allowed per safe sleep regulations, and they seem surprised. Our regs say everyone has to attend infant safety classes, so these providers are aware of the rules, but choose the easy way.
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