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Originally Posted by Cozy_Kids_Childcare View Post
I put an ad on Craigslist last week advertising my daycare. I put a few pictures up of my daycare and some had the back of kids heads and one was my nephew reading a book, but you can only see the side of his face. Not enough to identify him unless you really know him. Well I look on Craigslist today and some lady has used my pictures in several of her advertisements. WTF!!!! I emailed her an told her she needed to take down my pictures an use her own that clearly she wasn't a quality provider if she had to use other people pictures to misrepresent her daycare. I am sooo pissed off right now. I don't think there is anything I can do about it but still irks my nerves.
I had that happen... my Pics now show specific furniture or things that I know for a fact nobody else owns (one is a rare antique); you can't fudge something you clearly don't own and if "you" think you can pass my house off as your own, you have some big problems. It's just like the lady that tried to use my ad word for word a few years ago. I dislike that people are so lazy they can't think of a short ad on their own
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