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Default Food Expenses????

I am sure this has been asked before and I have tried searching but I've yet to find any answer that I understand.

I participate in the food program. I assume I claim my reimbursement as taxable income. I've been doing a monthly Income and Expense report while keeping track of my hours worked, bills paid, etc. On that I have been adding my reimbursement as income.

So how does it all work? What about the meals I served but don't get reimbursed for? How does that get factored in when tax time rolls around for this year?

My biggest question that I'm not seeming to find an answer to is should I be saving my daycare specific grocery receipts? Can I even write any of that off if I'm participating in the food program?

I am not a numbers gal and the explanations I am finding are so confusing to me! Any help is greatly appreciated!
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