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Originally Posted by daycare View Post
I do not have a religious program here at my daycare/preschool.

I teach my focus on winter, Snow, winter animals, and the commercial side of Christmas.

So today DCM walks in and says "We are not doing Santa"!!!!!!!

Ok, please explain what you mean...

DCM goes on to tell me that her son is asking questions about Santa this year and that DCD and her do not feel it is right to LIE to their child about Santa. They don't want to make something up that is not real and then ask their child to believe in it....... This is the only American custom I know and I will teach this to my child....

Sooooooo.. NOW what???????????? I didnt really know what to say. I thought I was in the clear with avoiding the religious side of it, but guess not

What do all of you do?
It's okay for her to not teach her child about Santa. But she also has to make it crystal clear to him that it is something other families like and think is fun, so he is not to ruin it for his daycare friends.
If you are doing Santa activities with the other dck's, ask Mom what she would like her child to do in lieu of them. Expand on the other winter themes, maybe? If she observes the holiday in a religious manner, maybe she can find some activities that agree with her beliefs and send them along with the child.
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