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I stand clear of religion.

For one religion is something very serious. In my country where I grew up, you don't get to decide what religion you are and if you go against your government, you can be killed.

In america there is so much freedom and choice, which is why I love this country. Each day I live in amazement of the freedom that Americans have, but are still so unhappy people, well a lot of them are. Here the term "it is your choice" really is true, because as Americans you can CHOOSE to do or NOT to do something.

Just the other day a young man came to my door to ask me to read his bible about the Mormon religion. This was a first that I have ever experienced this. I was so taken back by his bravery and courage. As this is something that you would be killed for in my old home country. I did listen to what he had to say, but in the end told him that I wished him well and that I would save it for a day when I might be more open minded. (My father was in the back of my head telling me don't touch

Anyway, I do love that each family has their own traditions and beliefs, I just want to be like everyone else and be allowed to choose and practice what I believe too.

thanks for sharing your story.and sorry for gong off track...
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