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Default Potentially Pushy Parents?

Anyone familiar with NACRRA for the military? I have a family that wanted me to apply for it, which I did since it sounded like something that would be beneficial. So I filled out the application and am now waiting to see which program I qualify as a provider for. I let potential DCM (who suggested the program to me) know that I applied....

Potential DCM said that she would put in the paperwork for me and that NACCRA would contact me? So she wanted my full name that I applied under so that she could get all the paperwork and payments started. So here it the irritating part.......

I'm not sure how all that will work since she hasn't even had her family interview with me yet!!!! I can't help but feel like she is assuming that I'm going to accept her child into my care. I've already told her I have two other interviews lined up for just 1 opening and had to squeeze her in between those. She has been very insistent about this family interview and getting her son ready to change providers....I'm not worried about that, her previous provider is PCSing (moving state) so she needs new care but the fact that she waited till last minute bothers the feeling of pushiness. I'm tempted to not do the interview.
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