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Originally Posted by Nisaryn View Post
I had the interview last night with potential DCM (the NACRRA one). I asked her why she was leaving her current provider and assumed it was b/c she was PCSing (moving) but this was not the case....she was irritated that they would go to the park during lunch and sometimes she liked to pick up her DCK during lunch and would have to wait for them to come back.....she also had issues with the sick policy.....otherwise everything seemed OK. I did go over how NACRRA works with her since I'm still educating myself on it and she wanted the number they gave me again, so I did give it to her. However....she didn't take ANY of my contract papers or policies...the only thing she took was my Holiday calendar and scheduled appointment days for my own kids. She said that NACRRA would have her fill everything she needed out and that they will contact me so she can start bringing him next week....but I'm going to assume this doesn't include my STATE REQUIRED papers that I must have on file. I like the idea of another full time kid but at the same time my gut is telling me "Just say NO".
I would listen to your gut
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