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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
AMEN!!!! My 3 year old (and 10months... So almost 4) just fell asleep at 10pm because his daycare insists he nap for two hours every day! He doesn't nap at all on weekends and goes to bed like a charm by 8pm! I AM SO TIRED of hearing their excuses for why he has to nap!!did any of you brainiac daycare workers consider the fact that some children are napping because they aren't tired at bedtime because they are awake until 10pm, OF COURSE THEY ARE TIRED BY 12:30pm.... They only got 8 hours sleep the night before!! I do not have the option of another daycare as none in my area offer an early drop off other than this one.

Us "braniac daycare workers"? Seriously? You may not have the option of another daycare but maybe you should stay home with your special snowflake and open your own daycare and be the bestest most specialist smartest daycare provider ever!
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