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To me this kind of promotion makes WAY more sense. They should have given the “pay your age” coupons to email subscribers. Similar to kids eating free on their birthdays. Gets people to sign up and they can prepare.

We went to a BAB in Disneyland CA and there were only my two kids, my niece and two other kids in front of us and it took us well over an hour to get our 3 bears made. It must have been pandemomium yesterday!! My daughter had a BAB made here to support Autism and then in
Disney it was her birthday so it was part of her party (we had a birthday party at Goofy’s Kitchen!)
When my son went to college orientation, one of the team building things was build a bear. They brought the materials out and staff and he told me it took forever. So, he wasn't too into it. He did it. At the end, the BAB team said they weren't allowed to keep them. They were donating them to a children's hospital. Some of the girls (18 and up) were acting like like they lost money or something. A few even purposely broke the bears they made.
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