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Default how come parents cant pick up their kids when there done at work

Ok this has been seriously bugging me for awhile now. my husband works with one of my daycare parents. Awhile back he heard her talking to another co-worker saying "oh i never leave my kid at daycare unless i need to" well i have her child everyday for the max amount of time they seriously wait til 4:59 a min before i close to pick up their child, mind you hes already been kicked out of a daycare here in town. Well my problem is she has been off at 2:00 everyday, you think she could pick up her child who is disruptive early??? oh no... i get that you have things to do but me myself i would pick up my child to spend time with them. i've come to the conclusion she leaves him because she cannot stand him well im pregnant and they know that, even on days when i tell them hes my only kid they still dont come and pick him up until i close, im thinking im gonna start closing early on days i just have him because i know the dad doesnt work and my husband is her boss and i know she gets off at 2, any help would sure be appreciated!!! im rally starting to stress out
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