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Originally Posted by safechner View Post
I will not use a curriculum for this summer because they would need summer vacation. I will be starting again this fall. It wouldn't fair for my younger daughters because they need to have some fun in summer. We are doing a lot of craft, going to Library for stories time, field trips, etc this summer to keep all of us busy. I also will take all kids to the little water park. Actually, I am still working on schedule for three months. Both of my daughters will be their last day of school this Thursday. They won't be back to school until August 23rd.

This is what I've decided to do too. No set curriculum but lots of fun trips. I just checked with all the parents to see if they were ok with me driving the kids on little trips (less than 5 miles) this summer and I'm so excited!! We have a handfull of parks with splash pads, 2 fire stations, 2 libraries, some museums, a fun kids' art studio, and more within just miles of my house so I think it's going to be a great summer!!
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