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Originally Posted by MarinaVanessa View Post
I just plan for my pre-k age kids and do the same activities with the toddlers but focus more on each stage of development for each child. So for example today we made red playdough. The pre-k kids focus was the color red, measuring the ingredients and talking about how things change when you mix things together and heat them. The focus for the toddlers was more on hand coordination and language (learning new words and explaining what we were doing and was happenings) as well as learning to follow directions. Later when we played with it the focus was more on fine motor while the kids molded it and used cookie cutters and dough tools.
So I just plan on what activities I want to do and have a little area where I write in the focus for the pre-k kids and the focus for the toddlers down below it. Babies have a completely different focus that soesn't much have to do with the activities at all since really with them it's more about relationships, trust and language.

I do the same thing but as far as a template for writing it out..I have so many different age groups I was just looking to see how everyone writes things out. Even my infants do sensory/fine gross motor/art everyday along with music and story too. Maybe I'll just have to type it out weekly.
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