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Originally Posted by Ariana View Post
I have certain toys that are out all the time and then I bring out activities for us all to focus on. For example today I brought out the fall/halloween themed sensory bin. It is “new” so the kids get much more excited and engaged. Same thing with playdoh and art. It is not out all the time and is treated as “special”. This is how I structure free play with focused activity play if that makes sense.
Absolutely! This is what we are currently doing. I don't really manage, limit, or encourage other areas as much (blocks, trucks, dramatic play, puzzles, library, the fine motor activities that are always out). We do have times for reading and have special reading areas, so there is an emphasis on that at particular times of the day. I find some kids love the dramatic play center, for example, while others never touch it. I also find that most of my group always feels like they have to play together. I suppose this is a good problem, because they love each other, but I can't figure out if we have a great thing going or if it is my job to encourage them to branch out.
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