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Originally Posted by Childminder View Post
Did I miss something? What do these posts have to do with OP?

OP- I would keep it simple, the basic contact info and bold enought to be read quickly by someone driving by. Your name, #, and "daycare" "openings" or "enrolling" nothing too busy.
I am thinking the post about "rainbows, suns, clouds, and raindrops are also some-what popular symbols" were suggestions about what to put on the sign as OP asked. OP might have meant what words or info to put on it, but her question might have been kind of vague.

The response about not wanting to attract attention, I assume is in regards to that poster not using a sign for daycare so they don't attract the wrong people.

Just guessing but that is how I read those two posts.

OP~ Make sure you check with you city about zoning laws and such. In my community we are not allowed to use yard signs unless we live in a commercial area.
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