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Most teachers get a paid salary. So when they are sick they still get paid, if they have a snow day they do have to make the day up in some instances but they still get paid the same amount regardless of how much or how little they work that week. Usually their payment is spread out over the whole year. No disrespect to teachers, there are 2 in my family & I know when school is in session it's a lot of work but considering they have 7-8 weeks off in the summer (usually longer than this but I know they also have prep work to do before school starts) & usually 2 weeks at Christmas that is pretty good pay for not working.
So indirectly they are still paid. When there is a snow day they don't deduct a day of pay. I'm pretty sure teachers' unions would not permit that!

My daughter is a teacher and her salary is for the days worked, not breaks such as Summer. They can choose to receive a paycheck only when working or spread it out over the whole calendar year, which makes each paycheck smaller but gives income all year long.
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