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I personally don't own a day care, nor do I ever plan on it. However, I do understand that it is a business, but any business should know what is ethical and unethical or does anyone have a conscious these days.

After reading some of the post that had been written some time ago, I wonder how you think you should be paid for holidays and for inclement weather when you donít watch children.

My problem is this, if you watch a child then you should be paid for those services. If you donít then there should be no charge. My wife and I have to deal with her brother and his wife. They donít have a day care, but they sure do operate their home like it is. (Of course there home can be treated as such.)

Earning my Masterís and learning more and more about businesses and how they operate helps me understand what is ethical and not ethical. So again let me ask the question, why should daycareís be paid for services not rendered for bad weather, holidays, or when children can be watched by their parents?

Just saying, ďyou get paid holidays why shouldnít weĒ is not an valid argument.

Itís dishonest to charge parents when you donít watch children. I do agree that policies should be up front and in writing. But again are your policies honest? If they are, then Iím sure parents will enjoy doing business with you, if not your probably still going to have that migraine.

Companies still have to take out federal income tax, state income tax, health care fees, retirement, S.S. fees, and disability. Of course some of these are mandatory while others are voluntarily. So as a daycare are you doing all of this? Do you offer retirement for your employees, paid holidays, paid time off, and sick leave?

Again, why should parents pay a daycare for services they didnít provide?

If someone on this blog can give me an honest and valid argument then maybe you can persuade me to understand why you should be paid for services not provided?
Hello, In Texas a license home daycare can only take care up to 12 children. You are counting to have every week for sure 12 kids so that is why people talk about saving a spot. Why? because if someone pays as they go and they decide not to send their child for that week then how the daycare make the money on that week for that child or spot ( cause remember they only can take care up to 12 NO MORE than that) so if the daycare have a waiting list of children waiting to get that spot and other kids are miss using the spot the daycare facility is losing money and other child that may be using that spot every week of the year is losing a place to being care. For example if you own an airplane don't you wish to have every single seat fill with a passenger? exactly that's the same with a daycare specially the one's that the state only allows them to have an x amount of kids and that's all. Also remember to break down the weekly rate by hours then it is between $2 to $4 an hour ans that's below the minimum wage. I bet you you wouldn't work for that? well the parents should have that in consideration. A daycare is like a second home. How much is the first home worth? how much is the second home for the child worth? good question!
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