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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
What a b*tch. Hope to goodness you never have children. It's a business in that one should not have to pay for services not rendered. If my doctor goes out of turn and consequently I can't see him in the office, do I still pay him? No, he doesn't get paid for not doing work not does he get paid holidays.

You are a piece of work. Some people work holidays and don't get paid any special pay. It's a capital expense that should be taken out of the conpany's resources not the moms that pay holidays and then have to turn around and double pay another sitter while they have to work holidays. I don't even understand the point of holidays, in healthcare I have to work every holiday so what makes day care so special that they automatically get the day off? Kids still need to be looked after, some times I think business owners and day care workers whine more than the kids do.
People such as Dr's prepare for holidays and vacations by including payment for these into their fees. In other words, they charge enough to be able to close for holidays and vacations. I have a couple of friends that are Dr's and they have discussed how they can go on vacations so often.

Also think about phone companies, internet providers, gym memberships etc. You pay a flat service whether or not you use these. If you go on vacation do you call and tell your phone company not to charge you because you were only home 3 weeks out of 4? Do you ask your internet provider to prorate you for the days you don't actually use the internet? Would you ask your gym for a refund if you only went to the gym 4 days out of 31? The beauty about this business is that we, as child care providers, is that we can run our businesses in a way that works best for us and you, as a parent, can choose a childcare provider based on whether you agree with their policies or not. If you don't like it you can simply not sign up with that provider. No need turn to violent communication like name calling to express your opinions.

I hope to goodness that your children (if any) are being watched for by your family or a close friend. Otherwise I feel very bad for your child care provider.
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