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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Let me tell u....chances are your "provider" is not certified. Anyone who has gone through state or military certification would not be that flexable. Maybe you should find someone who is certified and knows what they are doing with your child. Nothing annoys me more then someone looking for the best "deal" for childcare. It shouldn't be about the money when your looking for someone that is going to care for your children more in a day then the parent does. It should be based upon credentials, certification, years experience as well as any refrences they may have. Please people don't choose on money along, cheapest is NEVER best! Said from someone with 13 years of experience who has had many people drive out of their way to my home to keep their kids here, and to have peace of mind when going to work that their baby will be very well taken care of.
Wow I'm a licensed provider. I've been doing child care for 21 years. I don't charge when the kids aren't here. It's just the way I choose do do it.
That's not why people choose me for their provider-I have an awesome reputation, but I have had parents tell me that they do appreciate the fact that they don't HAVE to pay when their child isn't here. (sometimes they pay anyhow-but it's voluntary.)

Having said that, if a parent signs a contract agreeing to pay for holidays and days the center is closed then they should pay up and stop complaining.
They agreed to it when they signed the contract.
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