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Originally Posted by Unregistered Alabama View Post
I am very disappointed at all of you. post a link on here that shows its legal for daycares to do this to parents and we will shut up. While you are all complaining about parents what about parents like me working three jobs trying to keep my home, make sure my child has food on the table, and then the days your closed for I have to waste my time and money looking for someone to care for my child or taking time off which means I loose negative nillies dont care about that. Yeah we want to make sure our kids have good care. but you are all strangers to us so take care of our kids and quit your whining or find another profession. not everyone has the luxury of going back to school to become a jerk like you.
Two things:

1. Show me it's illegal for provider's to charge for their holiday time.

2. Some provider's are struggling just like you are. If you don't like paying your provider for her time off find another provider that doesn't charge for her holidays.
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