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Default Licensed provider?

Originally Posted by A mom View Post
Our daycare provider charges only for the days my daughter is physically there so long as we tell them by the Sunday evening of that particular week. So we do not pay for holidays, we do not pay for our vacations, and we don't pay for any days I know in advance that she won't be there. They use this open communication system of scheduling to give their caretakers more flexibility in their own schedules. So no, not all providers charge for the "slot." Some actually charge for the care that is provided.
I would be curious to know if this is a licensed provider? Does she carry insurance on her program? I for one could not afford to charge only for days each child attends. This is income we rely on, just as you do. If I want to stay in business and more importantly if I want to provide excellent quality, that takes money. Before I was licensed, I charged only for days the child attended. As soon as I earned my license, that quickly came to an end. I do not sell myself short. I also do not make much over minimum wage. I love owning my own program, but honestly.......the hardest part is having parents who do not understand why we have paid time off in our contracts.
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