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I am seriously annoyed at anyone who chooses not to follow the rules. In Kansas, it is illegal to watch more than 2 children unrelated to you more than 20 hours a week. On my street alone, there are three unlicensed daycare homes that I know of. It is not that difficult to do the right thing and be licensed, UNLESS you have something to hide. Yes, the state can be a pain, but if you are an honest human being, you shouldn't have a problem with them. By the way, in KS you do have to hold a high school diploma to operate a licensed daycare.

Several of the posts in this thread make me very suspicious. What are you doing watching other people's children when the parents don't even want the state to get involved?

I've been falsely accused of things before, that's just the nature of doing business with the public. But I am damn sure going to comply with all state rules because, for the most part, they are for the SAFETY of the children in my care. Why on earth would parents trust someone who is never inspected, doesn't have to follow any safety rules, and has no accountability as to the quality of care they provide?

OF COURSE you're going to hear of abuse and neglect in licensed daycare....because they're the ones who are CAUGHT. Are you aware of how many unlicensed daycare home providers abuse and neglect children without ever being caught? It is totally unreasonable to think that licensed providers are the only ones just because you see it on the news.

I will always fight to turn in unlicensed providers, and not only because they are attacking my business. It is for the safety and well being of the kids.
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