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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I agree licensing can be annoying and petty. Some things i needed to correct before getting my license I was like really? Lol. Some of the rules are ridiculous. My mom did in home daycare and was harrassed by her worker for years. She wrote my mom up for not opening the door for her, but then when she did she got written up again for opening the door which caused her to be away from the children. Stuff like that. License workers also interpret the rule the way they want to.
With that being said though, i would not do daycare unlicensed. Parents look for the word licensed and brings you more business. And the fear of getting caught lol.
What state are you in? I would have some serious issues with how your mother was treated...

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I dont agree with the amount of training required every year AND the fact that we cant do it online. I put in 12 hr days when do i have time to train? Besides things like CPR, First Aid, AHT and SUID why do we NEED more training???? I have a degree in early Child Development!
I am in MN and also have a degree (bachelor's in ECE) and am required to take 16 hours of training per year but ALL of the training we are required to take CAN be done on-line on our time with the exception of CPR/First Aid but that's only every other year so not a huge deal. I've logged over 115 hours of training for 2016 alone. ALL done on-line.

I think training requirements in MN are very lax and not at all as stringent as some states are. I think we need MORE training that what the current requirements are but I think the training should be in specific areas verses having to take and retake the same things (such as supervision courses/training and child development courses/training).
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