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PB&J 04:16 PM 09-18-2020
Originally Posted by AmyKidsCo:

I love Tom Copeland's Three Choices in Life. He writes about conflict with a parent, but they apply to almost every circumstance.

1) I am happy Let the parent do whatever they want concerning the issue in dispute and be happy with it. Life is too short to worry about every problem you face.

2) I am not happy Tell the parent what they must do to make you happy. If the parent refuses to follow your rules, end your agreement and let the parent go.

3) I quit If you are unhappy and unable to confront the parent to resolve the conflict, go out of business. This work is too stressful for you and you will be better off doing a different job.

In your case the center would be the parent, so basically you 1. decide you're happy the way things are, 2. tell the center what needs to change so you will be happy and be prepared to quit if they don't agree, or 3. just quit and find another job.
I am so glad you posted this. Thank you.