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Default Question With A Bit Of A Rant, But Circling Back To The Question!

When you have DCKs coming early in the morning and they go straight back to sleep, do you turn all the lights on in your house? My in laws live next door and I love them, but sometimes my FIL drives me crazy. Yesterday morning at 6:30am I was dressed and ready to receive my first arrival. It's not really dark enough that you'd need lights on but if I had kids staying awake I'd probably snap on the living room light or the light above the oven. I was enjoying some quiet time in the house while my own kids slept, drinking my coffee and playing on the computer. Anyway, my first child pulled in the driveway at 6:50. I put the computer down and before DCM was even out of the car, my FIL called me.

"Yeah, DCM is there."

"Um...yeah, I know."

...completely bizarre and random.

So later I was talking to FIL and because I didn't have lights on in the house, he assumed I slept in.

Am I completely wrong in being annoyed with this? I really think he's overstepping his boundaries here. Like really, #1, he could have woken my own kids up, #2, regardless of my light situation in my house, I would like to hope that he would think more of me than that to assume I wouldn't be up for my JOB. #3, I find it very creepy that he's looking over at our house to see if lights are on or not. He never hesitates to tell my husband (his son) "you were a few minutes late leaving for work this morning, weren't you?' Like, completely weird. #4, even if I DID sleep in, he could have waited until DCM at least had been out of her car, got her child out, and knocked on my door with no answer from me before calling me.

But then if I mention that he had no place to call me, he acts right offended and says, "well sorry for caring about whether you look like a fool in front of the parents or not". Like, he has a way of making you feel like crap no matter what. I know he has our best interests at heart but he really is overstepping his boundaries. Am I really crazy for being this upset about it? It's MY business, not his!! And back to the original question, do you turn all the lights on in the house if a child comes and goes straight to sleep early in the morning?
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