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Originally Posted by MaritimeMummy View Post
But then if I mention that he had no place to call me, he acts right offended and says, "well sorry for caring about whether you look like a fool in front of the parents or not". Like, he has a way of making you feel like crap no matter what. I know he has our best interests at heart but he really is overstepping his boundaries. Am I really crazy for being this upset about it?
I agree that he was definitley over stepping his boundaries and he is doing so in a way so that if you complain it is YOU who looks like the bad guy. I would probably say something to him and if he says he didn't want you to look like a fool in front of the parents, I would simply say that if I do then I
have no one to blame but myself.

I would tell him I appreciate his concern but you would feel better if he just let you handle your business and leave it at that.

He probably has nothing better to do and I am sure it is his way of shoing concern and care but he still needs to back off. Maybe if you told him he makes you feel like a little kid who has to have their parents pick up the slack, he may see what you mean and stop interferring.

Originally Posted by MaritimeMummy View Post
And back to the original question, do you turn all the lights on in the house if a child comes and goes straight to sleep early in the morning?
I don't turn my lights on here either unless there is someone who is bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for the day. I would do things just like you do in the mornings.
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