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You probable know you inlaws better than anyone. I have a "people mean things for the best" attidude. My husband will call me 5 to 10 mins before my first kid will get here if he knew I had a rough night. Honestly I don't remember a time where I was asleep when he called, but I remember the time I was up on and off though out the night with a baby. My first daycare mom had to wake me up on the couch. I was in little shorts and my butt cheeks were sticking out. After that he always calls just to make sure I'm up, if it was a bad night with the kids.
Unless you feel like he is did it meanly, I'd just have a conversation with him. Thank him for calling, but let him know that you don't turn on lights in the house before a certain time. Personally I have a few small lights on. I turn on the porch light and the entry light. I have had times that I haven't turned the entry light because I thought it was light enough outside, but I find parents turn it on themselves because they can't see. If you deside to turn on a light let your FIL know when you talk with him. I might be annoyed, but I don't think its something that you are going to want to start WWIII over.
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