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Originally Posted by MaritimeMummy View Post
Am I really crazy for being this upset about it? It's MY business, not his!! And back to the original question, do you turn all the lights on in the house if a child comes and goes straight to sleep early in the morning?
I would be upset too! I don't like the idea of being watched/monitored by my family. Not that I do anything wrong but you need some privacy! My mom tried to move across the street from us (thankfully my landlord owns both homes and called to clear it with me first) and I was so annoyed because I could just see my future "Really? You needed to go to the store again? Why don't you just do one big shopping trip" or "You guys got home late last night, LO should have been in bed earlier" and on and on... lol! I feel for you! But regarding being mad I think you have every right! I have an early drop off and tiptoe around my house before DCB arrives trying to not wake my DD. If the phone rang for that reason (even if she didn't wake up) I'd be upset because it could have woken her and thrown her whole day off (my DD needs her sleep or is miss crankypants!).

As for the drop off, I have one that arrives early (6am) and goes back to sleep immediately. I usually just turn on the kitchen light, which is off to the side of the daycare area, so the daycare room is still pretty dark (you can easily see and navigate though).
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