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Why don't you tell him that some of your daycare families have complained that a creepy old guy is watching your house? Just joking of course, but maybe it would be nice to put it back on him.

I hate the passive aggressiveness of doing something over the line, and then blaming you because he is obviously such a nice guy to help you save face in front of the parents. That's not what he's doing. You said it yourself. Maybe if she knocked and you didn't answer. He's just a busybody who has decided that you are not doing something HIS way and therefore it's wrong.

So put it back on him.
Him: Why don' t you have your lights on?
You: Why are you up at that hour and watching my house? There must be something good on TV. You should probably make use of that extra time in the morning working out. Gotta get rid of that spare tire old boy! Our dog needs a walk, why don't you take him? Thanks! Bye!

Or put him to work.
Him: DCParent is on your front porch.
You: Oh, I am SO glad you're up. Obviously, I am up for the day and ready to go but I forgot it's garbage day! Since you're up and obviously have NOTHING to do, can you help me out? I'd hate to look like a fool doing it in front of the DCparents! Thanks so much, buh bye.

That's my personality. I do it with a big smile and pretty nonchalantly, but irritating people get the point quick. Best of luck. I am blessed with great inlaws, but I still wouldn't want to live next to them!
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