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Originally Posted by Lucy View Post
Thank you!!!!!!!

I clicked your link and it's. Just the W-10 which I already have and have given all parents. There is no official q and a site that I could print for this ill-informed tax preparer to show him he is giving incorrect information to his clients?
I think what Tom is saying here is that there is nothing out there that will say this because there is nothing out there in IRS land that requires providers to give this information out. The IRS won't write something up to say what you shouldn't do, they only write stuff up about what is required to be done ... hence the W-10 instructions for parents. If we were required to give anything else out then those requirements would also be on the w-10 instructions for parents but because those requirements do not exist they do not.

Tom is not a CPA but he is an all and wonderful Oz when it comes to family child care stuff ... he's the #1 go to guy in America so he would know his stuff .

I think that printing out Tom's blog or page from his Family Child Care Record Keeping Guide that says that NOTHING else is required from us is enough to hand to your DC family and you can either have them give their tax guy a copy or you can mail him a copy also. He's probably either misinformed or he's saying that having this additional information is helpful to have ... but then again me washing and sorting DCK's laundry, cooking dinner for all of my DCF's and charging my DCF's unrealistically low rates is also extremely helpful but I'm not going to that either . I mean it would me nice for them, nut not going to happen .
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